Absorbency… What the?

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Absorbency… What the?

Welcome back! If you are new to our blogs, don’t forget to check out our Cloth nappies … Where do I start?? blog for all the information on the different types of cloth nappies around.

As you start looking into all the different types of cloth nappies you will see that there are different absorbency materials; Bamboo, Cotton, Hemp, Microfibre and Microfleece. So, what do they all mean?

This is quite simple. Cotton, bamboo and hemp are natural fibres which are extremely absorbent and great against children’s skin (especially if they have sensitive skin). Some babies’ skin copes much better with a natural fibre. Natural fibres are also much better for the environment! The downside is that natural fibres take longer to dry than microfibre.

Microfibre absorbs and dries quickly. So, if you have a baby who is flooding their nappy before the natural fibres even have a chance to absorb it, then microfibre is great for you! However, there are two downsides. Firstly, compression causes leaks similar to a squeezed sponge. Microfibre will absorb so much, but as soon as it is squeezed, it will all come back out. The other downside is that it should not go against little bottoms; this is where microfleece liners come into play.

Microfleece liners (like Seedling Baby’s Luxury Liners) draw the moisture away from the baby’s bottom; which is great for sensitive little ones! Check out our blog on Accessories for more information on the different liners available and more.

Absorbency is simple and once you have determined the amount required for your little one it will make cloth nappies even easier. If you are concerned, confused or have questions, please Contact Us at Critters Creations. We can arrange a time for you to come around (South Australia only) or a video call so we can help you with any questions you have.

Happy nappies!

Nicole, Critters Creations.

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