Nappy Accessories, I do love accessories … but what are they?

Nappy Accessories, I do love accessories … but what are they?

Who doesn’t love an accessory? Am I right? But, it can be a bit confusing how to use them or what they are for when you are new to the cloth nappy game. Well, look no further, we will break them all down for you.


Oh, how I love wet-bags! And, you can never have too many. Our wet-bags come in a range of sizes, which are great for all aspects of having a baby. We have double pocket wet-bags from Bubblebubs and EcoNaps which are great for separating clean and dirty; or pre-moistened wipes in the front and nappies in the back. The Mini wet-bags are also great for a spare change of clothes (even in the Kindy bags!) or as a snack pack in case someone gets a little peckish. Plus, all the wet-bags come in the same beautiful prints as their nappies and change mats.

Change Mats

Change mats are great for ensuring that your baby has something nice to lie on while being changed. There is nothing worse than searching for a public change table to find one that is gross and dirty! The change mats (and Seeding Baby’s Home + Go Mat) are great for when you are out and about, plus they come in beautiful patterns! It makes a pooie job so much nicer. Also, our change mats can match your wet-bags and nappies; so, you can be all matchy matchy or mix and match.

Nappy Creams

All parents must deal with the dreaded nappy rash at some point, which means that you will also be dealing with nappy creams. There are heaps and heaps on the market these days, and they are available everywhere. However, when using cloth nappies and nappy creams it is important that you have a good wash routine (using warm or hot water) and a good detergent to ensure that the creams do not cause a build-up on your nappies. How often you use the creams depends on your and your baby’s change routine; some like to put it on only when needed, and others like to use it every nappy change. If you are using the cream all the time, I would highly recommend using a liner (next accessory) to help prevent the build-up on your nappies.

The nappy cream which we love is Bubblebubs Botty Balm. This cream is great for all delicate little bottoms, treats eczema and is made from beautiful ingredients which are known for their health benefits. Not only is the Botty Balm good for relieving sore, inflamed bottoms but also great for dry skin and damaged skin (e.g. windburn). It is a very handy item for your nappy bag!


When it comes to liners for cloth nappies, there are two different types: disposable and reusable. Disposable liners, like Bubblebubs Bio-degradable Liners, are great for when your baby’s poo becomes more solid. They make for a very easy removal and clean up; however, they can hold wetness again the skin. This isn’t an issue unless your little one is prone to having nappy rash often – then this isn’t the best option for you. Whereas, Seedling Baby’s Luxury, reusable Liners draw moisture away from the baby’s bottom. This makes them great for sensitive little ones. Reusable liners make cleaning up easy; however, not as easy as a disposable liner.


Cloth wipes are easy and effective. If you are already using cloth nappies, then they are no extra work! Seedling Baby’s cloth wipes are super soft, only require some water before use, and they can be stored in a wet-bag for when you are on the go! Some use them because of sensitive little bottoms and not being able to use disposable wipes. It doesn’t matter your reason; give these wipes a go and you will not look back.

Breast Pads

While Breast Pads  aren’t nappy related, they are baby related, so why not bring them up?! Reusable breast pads are made of very similar material for absorbency to cloth nappies, and they feel lovely and soft against your skin! These breast pads are great for the environment and your pocket as well; just wash them in your machine with your nappies (but make sure you use a delicates bag or bra bag to stop them from be swallowed up by your machine!). I highly recommend making sure that your breast pads have a layer (often hidden) of PUL to protect your clothes from leaks. All the breast pads which we offer have this option for you. The Bubblebubs Breast Pads has white layer of PUL which is visible and Daisy and Birds Breast Pads have the PUL hidden behind beautiful tie-dye.

Snap & Extends

Now some of you may not have heard of this little gem; however, Snap & Extends have changed my world! A Snap & Extend is a small rectangle of material that clips to the base of your baby’s jumpsuits and onesies to make them BIGGER. They give extra room and life to your baby’s clothes and are a lot cheaper than new jumpsuits.

The Snap & Extends are compatible with a number of different clothing brands, including Target, Kmart, Big W, Best and Less and H&M, just to name a few!

Snap & Extends easily fit around traditional Terry cloth nappies and modern nappies. Babies grow so much, and when they are wearing a thick, night nappy (with a little more absorbency) their jumpsuits can suddenly be too short – Snap & Extends make life so easy. I really do feel that there should be at least one in every household (well, I have four)!


Now that we have gone through all the accessories which are on offer, it is important to see what is going to work the best for your family.

If you are concerned, confused or have questions, please Contact Us at Critters Creations. We can arrange a time for you to come around (South Australia only) or a video call so we can help you with any questions you have.

Happy nappies!

Nicole, Critters Creations.


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