Change Mats for the win!

Change Mats for the win!

I was myself asking yesterday, what was my favourite gift when having a baby? And although it was given to me over 3 years ago, I still use it DAILY. Yes, I mean every day!

What is it? Well, it is a change mat, but more precisely it is a waterproof Seedling Baby Home+Go mat. Never heard of them before? Well, you are in for a treat!

A Seedling Baby Home+Go mat is a larger change mat and is designed for complete luxury. You can find out more about them here.

So, why is the Home+Go mat in my favourite top 3 accessories? Well, here are just some of its daily uses in our house.

1. A change mat

Well, yes this is what it was designed for, but having two kids in nappies means I need quick changes, so having a mat that both little ones can fit on is a massive plus!

 2. Nappy-free time or play mat

Having built-in absorbency means this mat is perfect for nappy-free time and makes cleaning up a breeze!

3. Pram liner

Going to the beach or doing something messy? Pop your Home+Go mat in the pram to protect your pram and an easy clean up.


4. Wind proof blanket

Are you going to sit on the sidelines and watch some outdoor sports this winter? Having a waterproof (patterned side) the Home+Go mat is a perfect wind breaker and great for snuggling into.

5. Trolley liner

We all know those trolleys can be cold and uncomfortable, so add a soft and thick change mat and your little one will like being in the trolley a bit more.

6. Mattress protector

Are you breastfeeding or leaking during the night? I highly recommend putting the Home+Go mat under you to save you washing.

P.S. Pop the Home+Go mat under you while you side feed to catch all the spills and spit ups, you can thank me later!

 7. Sleep pad/ Toilet training helper

Are you starting toilet training? Here is your number 1 helper! As the Home+Go mat has built in absorbency, it is perfect protection for furniture while your little person is sleeping or on the couch. It will save you lots of washing and cleaning!

8. Picnic mat

We just loving going out for a snack at the park. Having one of these mats with you means you can enjoy where you are at any time.

Overall, these change mats are much more and can be used anywhere, at any time. If you have any tips or other uses, we would love to hear them!

Nicole x

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