Which cloth nappy should I choose?

All-in-one, all-in-two, pre-fold, boosters, liners, etc. It is easy to become confused and disheartened when you start researching the world of cloth nappies. But, once you start and know what you like and works for your routine, it is much easier to understand.

Some families start with only one style of nappy and make it work for them; while others like to have a variety of different nappies in their collection. Research shows that families who have about 5 different styles and/or brands in their nappy collection are more successful at using modern cloth nappies from birth to toilet training. So, we say… Share the love!

Each baby and their nappy needs are different which means that the different features of each nappy will appeal differently to their parents. Such reviews, friends or other mums’ opinions are all good resources; however, what works for YOU and your baby is the most important thing.