Prefold Cloth Nappies – Top Four Benefits

Prefold Cloth Nappies – Top Four Benefits

Prefold cloth nappies rock! Every growing family should have prefolds in their stash, so we have put together a list of our top four benefits.

But first, what is a prefold? Well a prefold is a rectangular piece of absorbent fabric. The prefold usually has more than one layer of absorbent fabric throughout or just through the centre panel. Having more than one layer is how prefolds differ from flats or terry squares. Depending on how the prefold is folded, it can be fastened with a Snappi and will require a waterproof cover.

Okay, so now that we know what a prefold is we can talk about how to use them and why we all should have a few in our stash.

newborn prefold

Seedling Baby Diversifold in action on a newborn.

So here are our four top four benefits about prefold cloth nappies:

Benefit One: Versatile

Prefolds are so versatile that they can be used at any stage of a baby’s nappy life and longer. It doesn’t matter if your baby is big or small, chubby or slim, tall or short, newborn or toddler; you can still use a prefold nappy! See it all comes down to the how you fold it to create the perfect nappy for any situation. How? Well, let’s show you a couple of quick tips on folding.

Newborn – when folding for a newborn nappy, we prefer the Angel Wing fold, as shown in the image below. This fold requires a Snappi for closing to ensure the nappy stays in place.

angel wing fold

All ages – you can use the prefold to make a Pad Fold. This is often used to lay inside a cover or can be used inside a pocket nappy. As shown in the images below, the prefold can be folded two different ways depending on the size of your baby or how much absorbency you require in a certain area.  A Pad Fold allows you to use it as a booster for any nappy, including night nappies.

pad fold

Benefit Two: The Price

Now we all love a good bargain, and prefolds provide just that. If you want to start cloth but aren’t sure about signing up to the whole shooting match, then these are a great place to start! Not only are prefolds a great starting place, but they are a cheap absorbency addition to any stash. Using cloth over disposables saves you thousands of dollars over two or three years, and prefolds are one of the cheapest options in the cloth world.

So, why not add some to your stash?

Benefit Three: Easy to Use

So, we have given you some tips on how easy it is to fold a prefold but what else? Well, they are super easy to use (including when you are traveling) as they are not bulky to pack. Prefolds are perfect to stash into your nappy bag as a spare nappy or for other uses (find out more below!).

Not only are prefolds great for packing or having stashed around, but they are also low maintenance and hard-wearing! This makes them perfect for any busy household! How are they low maintenance? Well, as they do not have elastics or PUL they can be washed in high temperatures and dried easily. Which leads us to …

They are quick drying. Drying a prefold is super easy; either hang it out flat in the sun or part-sun (just not on a 40-degree day otherwise it will stiffen) or pop them in the dryer and voila they are ready for use again.

Benefit Four: Multi-use

Prefolds are incredibly versatile as a cloth nappy on any size baby, but did you know that they have an abundance of other uses? These uses can be either during your baby’s time in nappies or after. Here are a few ways to increase the life of your prefold:

  • Burp cloths! Having a prefold in a nappy bag is looking like a great idea… isn’t it? You never know when you are going to need them!
  • Mopping up spills – we all have spills, but when you have a toddler who is toilet training, then that is a whole new world of spills. So, have your prefolds on hand!
  • Cleaning rags – once they are past their best, all prefolds became great cleaning rags. Perfect for dusting!
  • Face washers or make-up removers – due to their size, prefolds are perfect for giving your face a good clean. Before you know it, your baby will be a teenager and what a better way to give the prefold a new life then becoming part of their daily wash.
  • Kitchen towel – no more paper towel! The prefolds can be on hand to clean up any drip, spill or smear.

So, there you have it! Prefolds are super easy to use as a nappy and well after your little one becomes toilet trained.

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If you are concerned, confused or have questions, please Contact Us at Critters Creations. We can arrange a time for you to come around (South Australia only) or a video call for us to help you with any questions you have.

Happy nappies!

Nicole, Critters Creations.

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