Voted the best newborn cloth nappy by both customers and retailers. So, what’s so special about a Bubblebubs Bambams? Well, everything really! Our Bubblebubs Bambams are a fitted nappy that are designed to fit all newborns; not matter what size they are! Even premature babies, regardless of how tiny they are! And, unlike most other newborn nappies, Bambams fit up to around 8kgs.

So, the size is great, but the nappy itself is even better. Bambams are fully absorbent as they are made of lush bamboo and terry, which makes them super soft on your baby’s bottom. These nappies mould perfectly to all baby shapes and do not have any snaps or Velcro; instead a Snappi Nappy Fastener is required to close the nappy.

As Bambams are completely absorbent, this nappy will require a cover. We recommend pairing them with a Bubblebubs PUL Cover.

To save you time, we have put together a wonderful Bubblebubs Bambams Starter Pack, which includes 6 Bambams, 2 Newborn PUL Covers and a Snappi!

Buy in BULK and Save!


90% Bamboo/Cotton
10% Terry


Premature – 8kg

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  1. 5 out of 5


    The best newborn nappy there is!

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