Bubblebubs Candie Pods Wet-bag

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Who doesn’t love a wet-bag?

Well, the Bubblebubs Candies Pod is a specially designed wet-bag to hold 6 Candies or 12 Pebbles. It makes the perfect wet-bag for travel, day care, organising your nappy bag or just keeping things sorted at the change table.

So, what would you use yours for?


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Aama (Yetis), Ahm (Whales), All Aboard (Animal Train), Andy T (Planets), Attenborough, Audrey (Chipmonk), Billy, Bunji (Dingo), Campanula (Bluebells), Daddy (Dinos), Deep Blue Ocean (Underwater), Dixie Chicks (Birds), Fetch (Puppies), Fly Away, Freyja, Hook (Pirate Pigs), Hope, Hubble, Hugh (Highland Cows), Jazz, Kohaku (Goldfish), Lucy (Koalas), Madre (Mammoths), Mami (Flamingos), Mamma (Mermaids), Mayura, Mine? (Seagulls), Mizumi, Moeder (Elephants), Nala (Cheetahs), Nana (Narwhals), Poppa (Dragons), Rocket (Racoon), Sebastian (Crabs), Siala (Robins), Spatia, Spring Fawn (Meadow Animals), Swamp (Crocodiles), Sweettreats, Teeny (Dinosaurs), Thumper (Forest Animals), Toot Tweet, Toucan Sam (Toucans), Venus (Hippos), Vivace, Walkabout (Koalas), Wyla (Aussie on White)


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