Bubblebubs Candies ~ Shell Only ~

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Cloth Nappy Awards

The gorgeous Bubblebubs Candies are a One Size Fits Most all in two (Ai2) nappies which are specifically designed to grow with your little baby. The Bubblebubs Candies are a side snapping nappy with no rise snaps to adjust, making it the easiest one size nappy on the market for parents to use. They are made from soft polyester PUL or super soft minky laminated with PUL. The inner layer is made from smooth, soft suede-cloth, which wicks moisture away from your little baby’s skin.

The shell will fit your little baby from approx. 4kgs to 15kgs, seeing most babies fitting them from newborn (birth-4wks) through to toilet training. Being a side snapping nappy, allows the nappy to fit comfortably on the smallest baby to the chunkiest toddler, with wing droop being non-existent.

As our gorgeous Bubblebubs Candies are an all in two nappy, they have multiple absorbency options. We all know absorption is a key factor when it comes to Modern Cloth Nappy success. Too little, you’ll get leaks or be changing every hour. Too much, and you have one very bulky backside! Well the Candies have this covered! Pair a Candies shell with a Bubblebubs Day Booster Set, which comes with a snap in 2 layer trifold and a 3 layer lay in booster. The booster can be folded in half and positioned exactly where your little baby requires the absorbency.

Not only are the Candies a complete nappy but the shells can also be used as covers over our fitted nappies! Try them over the Bubblebubs Bambams for newborns or Bamboo Delights for any age!

Features at a Glance

  • One Size Fits Most nappy fitting from 4kgs to 15kgs.
  • Cover is waterproof and is either super soft minky or PUL; with the inner of smooth suede-cloth.
  • If the Cover is aired between uses, they can be used multiple time during a day.
  • Side snapping giving a snug fit around your baby’s legs and waist.
  • Pair with a Bubblebubs Day Booster Set (which comes with a snap in 2 layer trifold panel and a 3 layer lay in booster.)


Shell ~ Minky or Polyester outer laminated with PUL, suede-cloth inner.

Trifold ~ 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton, 2 layers, centre panel suede-cloth

Booster ~ 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton, 3 layers

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Aama (Yetis), Ahm (Whales), All Aboard (Animal Train), Andy T (Planets), Attenborough, Audrey (Chipmonk), Billy, Bunji (Dingo), Campanula (Bluebells), Daddy (Dinos), Deep Blue Ocean (Underwater), Dixie Chicks (Birds), Fetch (Puppies), Fly Away, Freyja, Hook (Pirate Pigs), Hope, Hubble, Hugh (Highland Cows), Jazz, Jemima, Kohaku (Goldfish), Lucy (Koalas), Madre (Mammoths), Mami (Flamingos), Mamma (Mermaids), Mayura, Migaloo, Mine? (Seagulls), Mizumi, Moeder (Elephants), Nala (Cheetahs), Nana (Narwhals), Pascal, Polly, Poppa (Dragons), Prancer (Forest Christmas), Roar (Christmas Dinos), Robin, Rocket (Racoon), Sebastian (Crabs), Siala (Robins), Spatia, Spring Fawn (Meadow Animals), Swamp (Crocodiles), Sweettreats, Teeny (Dinosaurs), Thumper (Forest Animals), Toot Tweet, Toucan Sam (Toucans), Venus (Hippos), Vivace, Walkabout (Koalas), Wyla (Aussie on White), Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Sour, Brushes, Bubblegum, Camp Out, Chip, Drops, Forest Friends, Frosted Lavender, George, Goat-E, Grape, Gus the Seagull, Hokey Pokey, Hunter, King of Naps, Lemon Drop, Licorice, Lime Splice, Musk, No Drama Llama, Over the Moon, Peaches n Cream, Peek-a-boo, Pineapple, Pistachio, Rain Stitches, Rainbow Lace, Raspberry, Red, Rise, Roxy, Shine, Sleepy Foxes, Spearmint, Sticks, Stones, Tapeti, Tiny, Toffee Apple, U-gno-me, Vainica, Whale of Time, Wine Gum


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