Cloth Pads – Starter Pack


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Our Cloth Pads Starter Pack consist of:

2 x Daisy and Bird 8 inches, light absorbency cloth pads

2 x Daisy and Bird 10 inches, moderate absorbency cloth pads

2 x Daisy and Bird 12 inches, heavy absorbency cloth pads

1 x EcoNaps Mini Wet-bag or Bubblebubs Mini Wet-bag

You get to choose your colours and wet-bag print. So why not mix and match!

These cloth pads are super soft and easy to use. The tie-dye side goes against your skin and the black side is for against your underwear. Always remember, pretty side up.

Daisy and Birds cloth pads are made with a hidden layer of PUL (for waterproofing), bamboo fleece (for absorbency) and a layer of pretty tie-dry for the back.

Cloth pads generally last at least as long (often longer) than the equivalent disposable pad before they need to be changed; however, during the day they should be changed every 3 – 4 hours, depending on the heaviness of your cycle.  Some people choose to change the pad each time they go to the toilet – either is fine, it’s personal preference. It is perfectly fine to wear a pad to bed overnight without needing to change it.


Absorbency level is marked on the left wing with stars

* Light – 340gsm bamboo fleece

**Moderate – 500gsm bamboo fleece

*** Heavy – 1000 gsm bamboo fleece

**** Super Heavy/Post-Partum – 1250gsm bamboo fleece

All hand dyed items should be washed separately, the first time in case of dye run, although this should not be an issue. Please refer to our FAQ page for more information on how to wash and care for your cloth pads.

Do you have a preferred colour or print? Add a note in our Checkout Screen and we will do our best.


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