Peekaboo Bubba Pram Liners

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Protect your pram and spoil your baby with luxury, comfort & style with a Peekaboo Bubba Pram Liner. All handmade in Australia and quality guaranteed.

Size of the Pram Liners

Our Peekaboo Bubba pram liners are universal liners with extended length designed to fit a standard, multi-fit pram. The extended length liners are for prams that have a footrest to cover, and short length liners are for prams & strollers without a footrest or to leave the footrest uncovered. If you wish to have a short length pram liner, please Contact Us with your pram information.

Length – 90cm

Width at head rest – 43cm

Width at leg/feet rest – 34cm

What harness strap system does your pram have?

Make sure that you order the correct harness strap system to suit your pram. There are 2 options of harness strap systems; 5-point system or 3-point system.

A 5-point harness system is when your pram has 5 straps, 2 shoulder straps, 2 side straps and 1 centre strap (this is the case for most prams).

A 3-point system is when your shoulder straps are connected to the side straps and cannot be undone. This style requires a 3-point harness system pram liner. If you require one of these, please Contact Us with your pram details, and we will have one made for you.

Do they come with harness strap covers?

Yes they do!

What is used inside a Peekaboo Bubba Pram Liner?

Peekaboo Bubba uses a thick, 300GSM-density, polyester wadding inside the pram liners with 100% cotton, breathable fabric on the top (unless otherwise stated). Peekaboo Bubba uses polyester as this is the best wadding to use due to its thickness, comfort and keeping little ones in the pram. This material keeps its shape when washed.


All pram liners and harness straps are machine washable on their own using a gentle, cold water cycle. To dry, hang them straight on the line. DO NOT tumble dry or soak the pram liners or harness straps.

Please note that stitching colour used may vary from photo.

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Bahama Leaf/Bahama Leaf Blue (reversible), Cypress/Bahama Pineapple (reversible), Leaf Lapis/Anchor Navy (reversible), Roses Pink, Fox Dapper, Arrow Grey on Pink, Arrow Navy & Mint on Grey, Water Colour Floral


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