About Us

We are here to bring the very best to you and your little ‘critter’ with our amazing range of modern cloth nappies. But, before we do, here is a little bit of information about us.

I’m Nicole, and I have been learning about and have worked with modern cloth nappies for several years now, thanks to being exposed to the world of babies by our family, extended family and having a little critter of my own. I just love cloth nappies, both old school and our lovely modern ones; and have had Critter in them since he came home from hospital.

There is so much to learn about modern cloth nappies and how easy it is to make them a part of your routine while being environmentally friendly. They are wonderful for delicate little bottoms and even better for parents’ pockets. Oh and of course our environment! Check out our Getting Started page for all the stats and savings that come with using cloth nappies.

So, if you are interested in hearing more about them, need help with getting started or just have an issue which you can’t resolve; then contact us, and we will help you through your cloth nappy journey. We are looking forward to speaking to you soon!


Australian Nappy Association Supporter

Australian Nappy Association

We are a Supporter Member of ANA who takes pride in supporting and educating key members of the cloth nappy industry and potential users.


Our range of nappies will ensure that every baby is covered; while ensuring that you are receiving excellent value for money.

Australia First

We do our very best to support small and local businesses and work with Australian owned and made brands as much as possible.